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LS Big Bottle Camshaft

LS Big Bottle Camshaft

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The Big Bottle LS Camshaft is a great cam for nitrous setups such as 5.3-6.2 engines spraying over 300HP worth of nitrous. Will work best with single plane intakes such as Edelbrock victor series, Holley race design single planes, CID, & Similar! Will work for both cathedral and rectangle port setups with the proper supporting mods. This is the biggest shelf cam we offer for the stock bottom end set ups! 

Specs: 237/255 Duration @ .050'' 

115 LSA, 109.5 ICL (115+5.5)

.637''/.620'' Lift with stock 1.7 rockers 


RPM Range: 4400-7400+

Recommended Stall Speed: 5000+ (On Nitrous) 

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