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LS Centrifugal Blower Stage 1 Camshaft

LS Centrifugal Blower Stage 1 Camshaft

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The LS Centrifugal Blower Stage 1 Cam is perfect for someone who has installed a Procharger, Torquestroms, ECS Kits, Vortec Blowers and similar but is mainly looking for a flat power curve through the whole RPM range and does not want to change the torque converter. It will offer a fairly mild idle (Still Noticeable Over Stock) and provide Monster Power through the midrange. 

Specs: 219/235 Duration @ .050'' 

116.5 LSA, 112.5 ICL (116.5+4) 

.595''/.586'' Lift with stock 1.7 rockers


RPM Range: 2600-6600

Recommended Stall Speed: Stock-3500


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