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LS Spray & Pray Camshaft

LS Spray & Pray Camshaft

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The LS Spray & Pray cam is an ALL-OUT take no prisoners camshaft for LS engines spraying heavy dosses of nitrous. It will work best with single plane intakes such as Edelbrock victor series, Holley race design single planes, CID, & Similar! Will work for both cathedral and rectangle port setups with the proper supporting mods.

Maximum Efficient Nitrous Rating:
6.0/6.2 Engines (500+ Shot)
400"-440" Engines (450 Shot) 

Specs: 254/274 Duration @ .050'' 

113 LSA, 109 ICL (113+4)

.646''/.630'' Lift with stock 1.7 rockers 


RPM Range: 5000-7800

Recommended Stall Speed: 5500+ (On Nitrous) 

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