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Speed Engineering turbo systems: Our goal with these kits was to make the most complete, best fitting, most versatile turbo system on the market at an affordable price. Most turbo kits on the market today are either extremely expensive, or really cheap essentially getting what you pay for. Our turbo systems focus on just that, a quality well-built kit, without the price tag of a one off turbo system. Our systems utilize Turbonetics 64mm TNX turbos, your choice of an Air-To-Air intercooler, and tons of cold side tubing to complete your setup.

Our kit has been tested on several applications. The first application was a 6.0L LQ4 stock engine with a 224 camshaft. On our Mustang 1100MD dyno it made 495rwhp on 5lbs of boost. Our second application was a 4.8L, which was also a stock engine minus a 224 cam swap. It made 710rwhp on 18lbs. Our third application was a built 6.0L with heads/cam. It went on to make 750rwhp on 15lbs, and 800rwhp on 18lbs.

One of the nice features with the sizing of our kit is the ability to run a stock displacement engine with quick spool time. At the same time have a ton of potential to crank the kit up if desired. If you choose to purchase one of our kits we can promise you will not find a better fitting, quality built, budget turbo system for your vehicle.

Features include:

  • 64mm Precision Turbochargers with 55mm Turbines
  • Full 3" Exhaust Tubing
  • 1 3/4" Forward Facing Turbo Headers
  • Universal 2 1/2" & 3" Cold Side Kit
  • Air-To-Air Intercooler System
  • 50mm Blow-Off Valves
  • 44mm Wastegates
  • .85 AR Exhaust Housing
  • Black Anodized AN Fittings/lines
  • All V-Bands & Clamps
  • Vacuum Manifold and Hoses
  • Air Filters
  • Oil & Water Billet Adapter Plates
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

Note: Our kit does not include a fuel system or tuning.

Note: Will need to relocate coils to remote area for installation.

Note: Kit was designed with engine set back in engine bay on adjustable motor mounts and using LS1 (98-02 Camaro) accessory drive. We recommend power steering bracket 551581-2 and alternator bracket 551668-2. Some applications might require chassis modifications for fitment of accessory drive components.

Note: Our kit is roughly 5 1/2" above the engine block (Top of the Headers), 16" from the engine block, and 38" wide (without air filters)

Note: This kit is a universal kit. Although, the hot side piping is designed to work with the applicable vehicles noted, the cold side tubing is completely universal, and may need additional brackets/tubing complete your build.

Note: We offer two different version intercoolers. Please choose the one you feel will work best with your application.

  • Side Exit = 24" (27 1/2" total) x 11" x 3 1/2"
  • Top Exit = 24" ( 27 1/2" total) x 12" (14 1/2" Total) x 3 1/2"

Note: Our kit does not provide any drive-train warranty of any sort.


  • 1968-77 A-Body
  • 1970-81 F-Body
  • 1967-87 C10 Trucks

Note: Some aftermarket components might cause fitment issues with install.

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