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LS WHITE TRASH 400" + Camshaft

LS WHITE TRASH 400" + Camshaft

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Jackstand Jimmy Approved! The white trash series cams were designed for applications that need a wide RPM range. Made to handle nitrous and high RPM environments! This cam has powered James and his truck "White Trash" to the WIN in the burnout rivals competition multiple times. Has survived 2+ minutes straight of 7500+ RPM and continuous 200+ shot! Will have the nastiest chop on the block and will require a fairly high stall speed!

Specs: 251/267 Duration @.050'' 

110.5 LSA, 106.5 (110.5+4.5)

.630''/.612'' Lift with 1.7 rockers 


RPM Range: 3800-7500+

Recommended Stall Speed: 3800-5500

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